How do you learn to be responsible in adolescence?

How do you learn to be responsible in adolescence?

This quality or value, with which one is not born, has to be a fundamental objective to achieve with adolescents and young people mainly in the family and, also, in school. It is therefore about create an environment at home and at school that teaches them to decide properly. To do this they must learn to take into account different alternatives and assess the consequences of their decisions in advance.

Put oneself in the place of the other

It is necessary to make them aware of the existence of others and their needs. In addition, get them to be attentive and careful in what they do, avoiding distraction, carelessness and fullería. Finally, to feel responsible for what they do, avoiding blaming others for their own acts.

This quality it is not achieved instantaneously upon reaching an age, but is acquired progressively through a process. It begins as a game imitating parents and little by little greater responsibilities are acquired. We cannot ask a teenage boy or girl to be responsible because they are old if we have not been giving them responsibilities since we were little and making them see the consequences of their actions. It is the parents who administer not only the rights but also, and especially, the responsibilities of their children: “You have completed another year and we will extend the time to leave, but you will also have to do…”.

The role of parents will be to establish norms and obligations to their sons and daughters, encouraging and helping them to fulfill them. It is good to recognize and value their successes, but also to establish negative consequences (punishments) if they do not meet the standards. It will not be advisable to do things for them because they do not do them well or because they feel sorry for them or them. It is not worth demanding the obligations one day yes and another no or remind them many times what they have to do, this will bind them more or they will get used to not obeying the first. Or that they do not fulfill their obligations and that nothing happens to them, they will learn what impunity is. Therefore, for this task it is convenient that the responsibilities are clear and the parents' behavior is consistent.

What responsibilities or obligations belong to adolescents?

The obligations of teenagers they will be related to their age and to the different environments in which their life develops: with the schedules of entering and leaving; with the use of television, computer or Play; with study at home and with attendance at the institute; and with the collaboration in household chores; among other.

It is very important to assume that there are no different responsibilities for boys or girls. It is essential that both learn to collaborate in household chores: to set and pick up the table, to wash the dishes, to make food, to clean the house, to put the washing machine, to run, etc. Learning these activities will depend on age, but they do not have to be associated with being male or female.

It is advisable write down the obligations of the different family members in a very visible place to serve as a reminder to everyone. They have to be well explained so that there is no doubt about who, how or when you have to do them. We must also establish the positive and negative consequences of compliance or not with the responsibilities.

Finally, parents have to give their sons and daughters the opportunity to be responsible, because as they are, they will gain greater confidence in themselves and this will encourage them in their process of becoming responsible and adult people.