Types of beards: What personality do they indicate?

Types of beards: What personality do they indicate?

Types of beards

Few doubts fit that the beard It is the visible part of the body that evokes more virility. Now, just indicate that? Although it seems a lie, the type of beard of a man can say a lot about his personality.


  • 1 Personality according to beard style
  • 2 Total shave
  • 3 pins
  • 4 Three-day beard
  • 5 Mustache
  • 6 Padlock or knob
  • 7 Medium beard
  • 8 Long beard

Personality according to the style of beard

Next, let's see some beard styles, and we will explain what such a beard means, and what personality it indicates in the man who wears it:

Total shave

It is convenient to start with completely shaved men, no sign of beard or mustache anywhere. This type of beard requires a daily religiousness to keep the face free of hair.

That is why this type of beard indicates neatness, responsibility Y formality. That is why most company executives tend to be shaved, but the same is not true for young millennials or, what do I know ... a rocker.

Shaving is directly related to responsibility and formality, but, on the other hand, it makes the face look much younger ... You may end up looking like a child!

Some celebrities who wore this type of beard were James Dean or The Beatles.


The sideburns began to take in the nineteenth century, among the Victorian nobles, and, today, they remain on the faces of some men who want to achieve a sharper face. Not the most frequent type of beard, but there it is.

This type of beard cut suggests true vintage charm, old-fashioned, with a rebel soul who refuses to accept fashions without more (after all, the sideburns are not fashionable, even if there are those who wear them), and not too serious.

Some celebrities who used the sideburns were Elvis presley or Marvel Wolverine.


This beard is basically the one that comes out when you wear few days without shaving. Although it is called "three days", the truth is that, in some men, it may appear after a day without shaving, and in others, it may take a week.

In any case, this beard forms a uniform shadow on the face, which allows you to give casual touch, but at once fixed. And for man it is very comfortable, because it only involves shaving with a machine.

This type of beard, which use characters like Pep Guardiola or George Clooney, indicates good taste and a certain seductive attitude.


Although he is getting lost, the moustache It is still a symbol of manhood. Today, it has a vintage touch and evokes a certain Chicano touch. Although there are groups that are claiming it, it is not very common to see young people with mustaches.

This type of beard indicates maturity, self-confidence, elegance and simplicity. Some famous personalities with a mustache are Tom Selleck or Freddie Mercury.

Padlock or knob

The padlock, also know as "knob”, Is a mustache that closes on the sides of the mouth and reaches the chin. It had its golden age in the 90s, but, today, it is in disuse.

Further, It is not a highly recommended beard, because the iconography usually represents Satan with this type of beard, so that people, unconsciously, It tends to distrust you.

This type of beard was used Ali G or Kanye west, for example.

Medium beard

The medium beard is an interesting option for those men who can leave it (they are not all). It's all a symbol of manhood and maturity, and has been the most popular for some time.

If you want to have a energetic, bold and serious touch, this beard is the most suitable for you. In addition, you will be fashionable, the only negative thing it has is that it requires a lot of trim and care work. David Beckham or Keanu Reeves They wear this beard.

Long beard

The long beard It is the most complicated to take care of all, because it requires years of constant care of facial hair. Precisely for that, It indicates self-care, dedication and some stubbornness.

Like the medium beard, too indicates maturity and manhood, but you have to be careful, because if you don't take care of yourself well enough, you may look like a hippie who hasn't realized that the 60s have passed half a century ago.

It should be noted that these types of beards are becoming fashionable lately, following series like Vikings, but there are few men who can wear beards of this size ... So, if you are capable, you should take advantage!

As you can see, a man's personality can be seen through his beard. Knowing this, if you are a man, you can improve your appearance based on your personality, and, if you are a woman, you can better choose which men you approach ... Beards say it all!