Is it true that our opinions are consistent?

Is it true that our opinions are consistent?

"There may be enemies of my opinions, but I myself, if I wait a while, I can also be an enemy of my opinions" Jorge Luis Borges

Although we are aware that some of our opinions are not stable, we usually consider that what we do and think always has consistency. Only occasionally we rationalize our thoughts and our actions and realize that in many occasions, what we do does not have much to do with what we think.

For example, I have to save but the other day I spent 100 euros on a dinner. What is usually done to reduce the tension caused by this inconsistency is to avoid situations that may increase it. For example, in this case, avoid conversations that have to do with the price of dinner.

Demonstration experiment

León Festinguer and his colleague Carlsmith in 1950 investigated what they called cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is, in short, justifying an action contrary to your thoughts or beliefs.

In the experiment, some students were selected to do some monotonous tasks. After having done them, they were asked to convince the other colleagues that the tasks were very interesting. To lie they were offered money. One group was offered $ 20 and the other 1.

After carrying out the experiment, they were asked what they thought of the task. Students who had received $ 20 still considered the task to be monotonous. Those who received 1 dollar surprisingly said the task was very fun.

1 dollar students they changed their opinion about the task since a dollar was not enough justification to lie.

Fable of the fox and the grapes

A fable that illustrates this behavior of the human being is the fable of the fox and the grapes:

Once upon a time there was a fox that roamed the forest starving and thirsty. Suddenly he found in front of her a vineyard with large and juicy grapes.

The fox jumped to reach the grapes and could not reach them. He jumped again and did not succeed either. He tried again for the third time and failed again. He finally realized that the grapes were too far away and he couldn't catch them. Then the slut left saying What greener grapes, I would eat them for nothing!

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